God I Wish Oldschool Could Find a New Runescape Skill

God I Wish Oldschool Could Find a New Runescape Skill



First off, I'd love to make certain that I was motivated to write this post after I started levelling a f2p account, and that I am a member. Because my most important outlevels I don't need these systems additional for motives, I would hardly use them on my main. I am not indicating that F2P members gain access. I'm suggesting that there's content added that is accessable to gamers in combat levels. They'd quickly outlevel this material, and once they outlevel it to the stage that it is not longer challenging or rewarding, they can buy OSRS Gold .

Other games' demos don't offer you a taste of end game content, but they do frequently offer you a lower-leveled identical. In World of Warcraft's demo you complete a raid as soon as you're finished leveling your presentation character. It is a low-level raid, but it introduces gamers to the concept of raiding, and it is a massive portion of WoW's endgame content. F2P doesn't do so, and it doesn't introduce gamers to other aspects of RuneScape that they could enjoy. You seem to completely misunderstand what I am suggesting. I'm not sure if you read my actual article or the replies to it. F2P is a barren, bot-ridden, single-player wasteland, and there has to be content which encourages people to interact with one another, since I geniunely do not think I would have gotten into RuneScape when I had been introduced to it in today's F2P worlds.

Runescape 3 - new Archaeology RuneScape ability

God I wish Oldschool could find a new RuneScape skill or some RuneScape ability reworks, but the fact that it would need to pass a poll with a 75 percent and there is a legitimate voting block of 20% which won't ever vote to bring any new RuneScape ability into RuneScape makes it hopeless. Yea I totally agree. It might really open up RuneScape for a lot more, but it's highly unlikely anything will really pass.But they will allow a PVM dungeon with overpowered abilities/stats to go into the market without query and shit on anything that includes the community working together like dungoneering or pvp.

A RS 2007 Gold skill like artisian woudlve already been ideal. A RuneScape skill like warding is misguided. Something like exploration would be a fantastic idea. Think slayer for life RuneScape skills.Exploration that is randomly created land to explore and using a dungeoneering like RuneScape ability (Since it was the sole RuneScape ability to bring all degrees and playstyles collectively ) would have been great.Exploration got polled in the form of sailing, however, it failed. I doubt OSRS could ever receive a brand new RuneScape skill as it prices Jagex to many sources to design one just for it to be slammed down from the community.


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