The show is anticipated to follow the narrative

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The film's finale ended with Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake and although the film didn't do well with critics, it brought in D2R Ladder Items plenty of profits at the box office and also sets the stage for another sequel, so it's likely that more live-action Nathan Drake adventures are on the way in the near future. A possible Uncharted sequel is far from the only thing Sony is working on however.

We've collected all of the PlayStation movies and shows Sony are creating. There are likely others that haven't been announced publicly however this is the most current list that has been either confirmed or reported on from highly reliable sources. Follow the link to see all of the projects that PlayStation Productions is working on.What is most likely to be the next product coming from PlayStation Productions is yet another Naughty Dog adaptation.

HBO is adapting The Last of Us with Chornobyl's Craig Mazin and The Last of Us co-creator Neil Druckmann at the helm of the production. The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal will play Joel Miller and Game of Thrones actor Bella Ramsey is set to play Ellie Williams, two roles that carry a great deal in baggage, due to their emotional arcs and how much they are a character to their respective fans.

The show is anticipated to follow the narrative of the games quite closely, but will still contain new features that include flashbacks , and characters that weren't seen within the video games. The show has no firm release date, but is expected to release within 2023. The show is believed to being filmed, however it is likely close to wrapping the photography at the moment.Twisted Metal will also be getting a small-screen release and is a video-game series that hasn't been on air since the year 2012.

Peacock will air the show in an hour-long comedy that features stars like Anthony Mackie, Thomas Haden Church, Neve Campbell, and many more D2R Ladder Items Buy, so it's going be a star-studded affair. On paper, the show sounds pretty interesting.