Twitter will use new data from the reported tweets to address previous platform issues.

Twitter is trying out some changes to the way that users report tweets that they believe



Twitter is experimenting with changes to the way users report tweets they believe may violate Twitter's rules.Like most social media companies, Twitter has long relied on user reporting to flag tweets that may violate its policies.

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But in the new imagination of that system Those reports will give companies a more complete picture of their behavior on the platform. Rather than just a separate way to assess individual events.

Twitter is currently testing the new system with a small test group. of users in the United States But it plans to roll out to a wider group of platforms starting in 2022. The system will replace the existing prompts that

Twitter users see when they choose to report content on the platform.

One of the biggest changes is Users will no longer be asked to provide Twitter policies they believe tweets violated — they provide information and Twitter uses automated systems to suggest which tweets may violate the rules.

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