Various version information of NBA 2K21 caused quite a stir

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2K players will play the standard version of NBA 2K21 on the 4th of next month. The imminent birth of the first playable version has excited many people. But the bad news is that the progress made by all players in modes such as MyLEAGUE and MyPLAYER will not continue to the next generation version, which at the same time makes players feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, their long-stored NBA 2K21 MT can finally come in handy.

The next-generation NBA 2K21 Standard Edition will be the NBA 2K21 version specially developed for the next-generation game consoles, including features unique to this version. It will release with the next generation of game consoles and expected to release around the 2020 holiday. The price of this version of the NBA 2K21 Standard Edition is $70, and it only inherits the current standard version of the 2K21 MT and VC of the same console series.

It provides the $100 Mamba Forever Edition as a luxury package with two versions of the NBA 2K21 Standard Edition. Its functions are very similar to the old Legends Edition, except that it will also include two copies of the Standard Edition. However, this only applies to one console series, so if the player is a PS4 user and wants to change it by choosing Xbox Series X, and vice versa. Mamba Forever Edition will not allow players to use both versions at the same time.

Many powerful legendary superstars and outstanding players in active service will appear in NBA 2K21. It needs a huge number of 2K21 MT players. Even if players just buy a player card to reinforce the lineup, they still need to pay a lot of money. So players who really seek to enhance the lineup strength need to Buy 2K21 MT For Sale as soon as possible.

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