The robbery in the Heist League requires careful consideration to be completed

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Today, GGG finally released the third league of POE this year. The new league called Heist will satisfy players’ desire to rob treasures, but it requires them to plan before they can do so. Otherwise, the result may be that the mission was unsuccessful, but POE Currency spent a lot of money and the guards still caught people. Players must know that the purpose of their robbery is to win the treasure and move quickly and escape the scene without being discovered by the guards.

It is not easy for novice players who have just entered the POE to complete the robbery mission. Fortunately, everyone is equal when they first enter the new league. It depends on their own efforts in the later period. If they want to start robbery, then they need to take the contract to Wayfinder in Rogue Harbour. Wayfinder will accept payment from their markers to pay for any items helpful to them during the robbery. Although on the way to the artifacts, they will find a room full of objects. Unfortunately, players can only bring a few looted items because they have to make sure that there is enough space in their storage bags to store them. Remember, you can only carry looted items with you. That’s because they need to ensure that there is enough space in the warehouse to transport the treasure.

There may be treasures in all the lockers and password boxes in the target building and the enemy. Players need to find these targets and kill them after starting the action, but they should not be too noisy during the entire action. Otherwise, they may trigger an alarm, and then the guards will capture the players. Another point is that players must not be too greedy, just steal some valuables. After the operation is successful, evacuate immediately and find NPS Whakano to exchange the grabbed items for Markers. Every time they successfully robbed, they will gain knowledge for future Heists and Grand Heists.

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