Sun Classic operates various communities to ensure that players

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At the time of launch, SUN Classic is available in four languages SUN Classic Heim: Traditional or simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English and is available for download from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. The app will be available in other countries in the near future. Webzen is celebrating the debut of SUN Classic by hosting a variety of events that include an Daily Check-In Event as well as an Level Up Event, and an AC Challenge Event. The events will be running through 7 April.

Webzen's Soul of the Ultimate Nation is officially relaunched as SUN Classic in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan in the last week, bringing an array of issues. As is to be expected, the initial four channels have been absolutely overloaded with players and are currently experiencing lengthy queues.

Users are also having difficulty connecting and receiving error messages from the authentication servers. The team has stated that they're working on a solution to the issue . They also remind users that if their character does not appear on the screen for character selection, it indicates that they're waiting in line and that this isn't an error.

If you decide to play this game you'll be confronted by a chat system that isn't working and the inability to utilize AoE abilities of any kind, as well as bots in the thousands. The team, however, is securing accounts that log in using "unusual techniques SUN Classic Heim for sale." It is hoped that this isn't just botting software as well as other illegal software.

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