Larry is located by the oasis far north of the palace

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Larry is located by the oasis far north of RS Gold the palace. It is situated near the gate leading to Al-Kharid. Larry is in charge of the fishing competition and provides the fisherman with the gear needed to participate. However, Larry will not inform the player that nothing can get caught within the oasis. Big Dave, a fellow fisherman in the competition will suggest buying specialized bait at Ali Morrisane, a merchant located due east of the oasis.

If you inquire concerning the bait Morrisane is willing to trade for trade reports from the spymaster Osman. Note, however, of the three crates he has placed around his stand. Osman will use this information as a security question.

My Arm the troll is organising cooking contests and judges in which case he needs things that are "exciting," "exotic," and, quite ostensibly, "not boring."

Where the Cook asserts that his pizza was delicious but not exotic enough for My Arm's tastes And The Wise Old Man's banana was intriguing, but was too simple for me the only appropriate way to cook something exciting and interesting would be to combine the two to create a banana pizza.

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