The game draws inspiration from roguelikes including FTL and party games

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The game draws inspiration from roguelikes including FTL and party games like Overcooked, Means Warp is a roguelike game that draws inspiration from party games like Means Warp sees players control the crew on RS Gold ships, controlling various mechanisms, aiming weapons, performing repairs, before finally following a path through the dark and dangerous space.

To learn more about Jagex's publishing This Means Warp, we called Outlier Games' founders Paul Froggatt and Matt Rathbun and Lead Product Management for Jagex Robert Fox-Galassi to get their thoughts about this new partnership.

Like many independent developers, our entry into the games business was through experimenting with game concepts and programming over some time before deciding to create something that was playable!

I've had 10 years of experiences working at Google before deciding that I wanted to pursue game development full-time, and Matt's experience spans the creation of Hollywood computer systems on movie sets, as well as stints in South Korean esports and mobile game development. We're beyond excited to share the progress we've made with This Means Warp.

A variety of video games have led to aspiring developers make their own. It's not often that you'll see an original work taken over by the company that made the original title.

Thiswas, however, the case with Brendan Malcolm, the one-man team of Australian creator Games By Malcs, whose idle RPG Melvor Idle has been published by Jagex who are the developers of RuneScape the game that was core to osrs runescape gold Malcolm's motivation for his own game.

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