After you've put together a good team

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This is the ultimate single-player fantasy game mode in MT 2K22 NBA 2K21. Players can be acquired by collecting cards either through grinding for them or bidding at the auction house. After you've put together a good team, you can play 5v5 or 3v3 offline against AI players or online against a player to gain points, MT, and XP which will help you build your card collection and stay in the game's competitive.

What's interesting about this mode of play is that it begins quite realistically at the time of its release date but, as new content and different versions of players come out each Friday, the game steps deeper and further into the realm of pure fantasy.

Glitch cards will be released that will allow players to perform feats they would never do in reality, such as an Steve Nash that dunks like Vince Carter or a Ben Simmons who shoots threes like Stephen Curry.

Each update will let you never know if the best players have to be purchased, gotten by luck or grinded for So, you'll have to keep up to date on MyTeam or via 2KTV or through a content creator like DBG or Canada's HTB so you don't fall behind.

If MyTeam seems like too much of a time commitment and you want your players strengths and weaknesses to be true to the real world, then you must test the game mode. PlayNow Online lets you play online 5v5 against other players without having to grind to Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins make your team.

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