Elyon's flagship feature is the combat. It's not easy for combat to be boring in Elyon because of the many ski

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Elyon is a free-to-play MMORPG that has gained an enviable reputation due to beautiful graphics, with an enjoyable and relaxing gaming, and for having a unique style of combat that differentiates it from other MMOs available. Players can  Elyon Gold  choose between two factions they wish to join before the start of the game.

More and more people are taking part in Elyon as a first-time player due to its popularity and its uniqueness. Therefore, players will want to know the fundamentals of how to begin their journey with Elyon to start the game with the most optimal experience.

Find a Class that feels right

There are multiple classes in Elyon - these classes including the Assassin, Elementalist Gunner, Mystic, Warlord and the Slayer Each offer something different and distinctive to the scene. There's not a wrong answer for players when it comes to a class to choose, as each class has a certain capability that differentiates them even further. Seeing as how each class brings something that other classes don't, a player can choose whichever class feels right for their needs. This will make playing will be much more enjoyable, with no downsides.

Do Daily Quests

Daily quests are one of the most crucial aspects of Elyon. These quests reward a player with all sorts of items that are available during the entire game in order to help out their progression. Each day's quest costs anywhere from 1-3 of the 20 daily Quest Letters. Be aware that if a quest is completed but then abandoned, it will be able to take Quest Letters. It is recommended for a player choose their quests wisely or complete the quest they decide to take on.

Keep Checking The Marketplace

Usually, the marketplace is an excellent place to find items. Much like other MMOs, Elyon has a marketplace/auction house in which players can trade their possessions for in-game currency as well as other players buy the items. While the prices may be expensive however, the marketplace is a good place to look when it comes to finding items that can aid players who are new to the game. The main problem would be finding something that is worthwhile or finding enough cash to buy the item.

Be familiar with combat

Elyon's flagship feature is the combat. It's not easy for combat to be boring in Elyon because of the many skills every class has, which are each distinctive from one another and distinctive in every aspect. This means that the battle which each class engages in is unique. Battle in Elyon is an oasis of joy for players who have become used to MMOs that offer similar gameplay and boring combat, whether PvE or PvP. As such, it would be in cheap Elyon Gold  the player's best intention to get familiar with combat before diving into something similar to PvP. It's also not a bad idea to get into practice using the keyboard's hot keys in order to instantly unleash abilities and attacks.

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