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The door of the ward was quietly opened, and Fang Zishan's enchanting Secretary Lin walked in carefully


The door of the ward was quietly opened, and Fang Zishan's enchanting Secretary Lin walked in carefully. Lin Zhi sneered: "Secretary Lin?"? Uh? Secretary Lin! Fang Zishan, do you want to take advantage of me? Ah? You're a big man. Why are you so tasteless? Fang Zishan ignored Lin Zhi's provocation. He ordered Secretary Lin majestically: "Go and find the doctor in charge of the young master.". Well, you don't have to ask him to come over. You can tell him directly if the young master can't wake up like this. If it's not worth saving. Can you ask him if it would be more lenient to treat him according to euthanasia? Secretary Lin's eyes moved, the corner of his eyes raised a few lines of laughter, bowed submissively to Fang Zishan, slowly withdrew from the ward, and carefully closed the door. Lying in the hospital bed, Fang Wen clearly heard the conversation between his parents in the darkness. It's not worth saving. Not worth saving? It's not worth saving! Oneself, in their eyes, when has there been any value? Oneself, just a tool, a chip, a signboard in exchange for the status of'parents'. Euthanasia. Are you going to die? His heart was empty, and Fang Wen never heard what his parents said again. But when they left, the sound of closing the door of the ward vigorously woke Fang Wen up again. It was pitch black. Boundless darkness. In the darkness,stainless steel shower tray, Fang Wen's soul is floating. His soul was bound in this dark cage, and there was no hope of getting out of it. Soon, the external conditions that maintain this dark cage will be cut off, his will die, his soul will rot in this darkness. There is no fear or despair in Fang Wen's heart. At this moment, his heart is ethereal and clear. After hearing the verdict of his parents,Flush Retrofit Kit, Fang Wen reached the realm of enlightenment that many people dreamed of at this moment. Perhaps because of experience and experience and even knowledge, Fang Wen's "enlightenment" is very crude, very shallow, and not worth mentioning. But enlightenment is enlightenment. A bud grows on a barren desert, which looks ugly and funny, but a green bud grows on the desert. As a result, the darkness was broken, a green light emerged in the darkness, Fang Wen's soul gradually merged with his. Fang Wen, who was declared by the doctor to be a vegetable, woke up from the darkness. His eyes were hazy, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Self-closing Shower Valve, and there was a sharp pain everywhere on his body, so painful that Fang Wen almost fainted again. But in the burning pain, a cool breath flowed all over the body, and everywhere it passed, it was like a spring of amrita spreading out the flame, and the body felt comfortable for a while. The haziness in front of us gradually faded, and the scene gradually became clear. Professor Feng, dressed in a green robe, is putting a strange syringe into a metal box. Seeing Fang Wen wake up, Professor Feng showed a kind smile. In Fang Wen's opinion, it was the wolf who saw the little white rabbit's smile, a kind of smile with strong temptation that you could not refuse. Fang Wen, you have a good foundation in ancient Chinese. You are a real genius. Professor Feng knows some really good Chinese doctors overseas. They can cure you. Would you like to be my student? Professor Feng smiled very amorous feelings, it is a very elegant style, just like an old pine at the peak of Huangshan Mountain, showing great elegance in the style. Fang Wen wanted to speak, but he could not speak. Everything he could break was broken. Where could he speak? But the urgency and anxiety in his eyes, as well as some complex emotions, are very clear in Professor Feng's eyes. Professor Feng smiled. He gently put his hand on Fang Wen's chest and said gently, "Well, go to sleep.". Your parents don't want you anymore, but Professor Feng.. No, Master, I will never give up such a peerless genius as you! A gentle and cool wind seeped into Fang Wen's body from Professor Feng's palm. The whistling sound of the wind came from Fang Wen's empty body. Gradually, wisps of light blue wind faintly visible to the naked eye slowly flowed out from the pores of Fang Wen's whole body, and Fang Wen's hair also floated gently in the wind. Professor Feng smiled contentedly, and he nodded forcefully: "Wonderful, the body of the wind spirit, which is rare in a thousand years and runs through all the bones.". I should be lucky when the wind blows. In the cool atmosphere, Fang Wen slept comfortably. Professor Feng laughed and reached out to unplug the power cords of several instruments that kept Fang Wen alive. Human Road Chapter 1 Goodbye Chapter 3 Www. XiaoshUotxt. COm. Chapter IV An oval hall, with all kinds of arrangements and instruments, Fang Wen has only seen in science fiction movies. The dome is nearly 100 meters high, and the soft white light falls from the bright and clean ceiling. The bright and clean floor presents a warm milky white, and the walls around it are milky white, clean and clean, giving people a very comfortable feeling. Dozens of large instruments were placed in the hall with a circumference of nearly one kilometer, which surrounded Fang Wen's large container. Fang Wen was immersed in a cylindrical transparent container with a height of more than 30 meters and a diameter of 10 meters. The container was filled with a sticky light silver solution. Fang Wen held an oxygen tube in his mouth and inserted dozens of thin transparent catheters in his body. He was very comfortable to float in the container. A series of transparent bubbles came out of his mouth and rolled over. His body swayed gently and his head swayed from side to side. In the void in front of him,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, a light curtain more than five meters long and wide was flashing with blue light, reflecting a picture that made Fang Wen frown and smile. The scene shown by the light curtain is a mourning hall, which is very solemn and wasteful.

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