A small shopkeeper in the sixties (a little white lotus flower through Goldfinger)

Last night she was thinking about what to do, and then she thought, Song Ge's family is a big family, how can she find a wild girl who


Last night she was thinking about what to do, and then she thought, Song Ge's family is a big family, how can she find a wild girl who doesn't even recognize her parents. She didn't believe that Xu Nannan was not afraid at all. Xu Nannan crooked his mouth, completely ignoring her and walking on his own. Erya, don't go. As long as you help me and Brother Song, I won't report you. I can help you when we become sisters-in-law in the future. "You go to report it," Xu Nannan waved his hand indifferently. Straight into the mine. Wei Guobing also worried about what to ask her, Xu Nannan said, "she has nothing to do." "This child really doesn't know how to be grateful. At least Director Xu raised her so much.". But she didn't have a good time for a few days. If she didn't do well in the exam, she couldn't go to high school. Director Xu planned to send her back to the countryside. Hearing this, Xu Nannan said in surprise, "is he willing to send these nieces back to the countryside?" She thought Xu Jiansheng was going to raise him for a lifetime. Embarrassed, Wei Guobing said, "How can you be reluctant to part with such a big girl? It's unreasonable to raise her.". The point is, the kid is so restless. One moment, the bicycle was delivered, and the next moment, it was gathered in front of the instructor Lin. Xu Nannan heart way,Service Sink Faucets, I am afraid Xu Jiansheng agreed to send back, Li Jing is not agreed, Xu Meizi will not be filial to her. If Xu Hong had been sent away this time, half of her bamboo basket would have leaked. However, old Xu's family affairs are not her business, and naturally they will not take it to heart. Because it was the beginning of the month, wages and various tickets were paid in the morning to supply food. At lunch time,Flush valve price, Zhu Fang asked her to go to a restaurant to make a tooth sacrifice. Not only she, but also other unmarried young men and women are thinking about improving their lives on this day. Li Weiming said, "Why don't you go to my house for dinner and let my mother cook something delicious?". We can do a lot of things if we buy our own food. The hotel is not good value for money. When he plans to get married, he thinks a lot. I'm going to use these food stamps to exchange some industrial tickets with other colleagues in the union, and I'm also going to get married. Bed sheets and quilt covers are all gone. Zhu Fang's family can't rely on them. The dowry is impossible. We have to start saving it now. Hearing Li Weiming's words, Zhu Fang's face also cooled down. Eat with your face down. I didn't mention going to the restaurant again. This kind of thing, Xu Nannan is not good to say who is right and who is wrong, with the idea of the future, Zhu Fang this idea is right, but Li Weiming also considered more realistic. Back to the office, in private, Xu Nannan advised Zhu Fang, "If you have an idea, you should talk about it face to face. This is not the way.". Li Ge actually thinks more practically. He does things more thoughtfully and considers more aspects. Zhu Fang said unhappily, Prison toilet for sale ,push button toilet flush valve, "How many times have I said that? Does he listen?". Just say I have to change this and that. When we met, I was like this. Why did you like me before? Xu Nannan really doesn't know how to answer this. When she got married, she could help to solve the problem of bed sheets and quilts, but after that, it was still the matter of the two of them, and it was not easy for others to intervene. Xu Nannan could not help thinking that if he and Lin Qingbai were together, how would Lin Qingbai arrange it. Ahem, why do you think of getting married. I think too much! Knowing that Lin Qingbai would come to pick him up in the afternoon, Xu Nannan slowly packed up his things and waited for the office people to leave before leaving the mine. As soon as I arrived at the gate of the mine, I saw Lin Qingbai, wearing a short-sleeved shirt, chatting with Uncle Wei. And I didn't ride a bike. Seeing Xu Nannan coming, Lin Qingbai and Uncle Wei said something and greeted him. The car broke down. Let's walk back slowly. Lin Qingbai smiled with curved eyebrows and eyes. The performance is very warm. Is it so coincidentally broken? Xu Nannan doesn't believe it. No, why did he come to the gate. Xu Nannan looked at him. Lin Qingbai smiled and said to Uncle Wei, "Uncle Wei, let's go first." "Oh, good.". We'll talk tomorrow. Uncle Wei looked very happy. When he left the mine gate, Xu Nannan bulged his eyes and said, "Why did you come to the mine gate?" Lin Qingbai raised his eyebrows. "I'm so shabby that I can't see anyone." "No, it's seen." "Nannan, it's not good for you to think like this. You can see that those male comrades are chasing female comrades. Of course, I have to chase you openly. Otherwise, other male comrades don't know that you are being chased and come to you. Isn't it easy to misunderstand?" This is a set of things, said Xu Nannan even thought he was quite reasonable. But she felt in her heart that Lin Qingbai was being unreasonable. Seeing her go around, Lin Qingbai smiled, "The object is fair and aboveboard. Why do you want to sneak around?". It's not popular for us to have underground organizations now. How can this be the object of the ascending road? Didn't you just say you were going after him, and now you're dating? Xu Nannan squinted and asked him. I don't want her to think she's really stupid. Lin Qingbai said in righteous words, "Chairman Mao said that the pursuit of not aiming at the object is hooliganism." "Isn't it marriage?" "It's all the same. It's only a matter of time before you get married." Then he asked, "How do you know?" “……” When did Chairman Mao's Quotations come out? Ahem, what we are talking about now is the matter of dating. You should be serious. Xu Nannan said seriously. Lin Qingbai's eyes flashed and he said with a smile, "Yes, I'm talking about the object now.". It's very serious to mention. Xu Nannan didn't know how to talk back what he said. Walk slowly with a pout. The appearance of playing a small temper. Lin Qingbai eyebrows and eyes with a smile, stick to her side to walk, walk along, the hand slowly touched, bit by bit hook. Xu Nannan froze for a moment, just want to stagger it, the palm was held tightly by a big hand. The heart suddenly jumped, in the end is not loose. Not being rejected, Lin Qingbai breathed a sigh of relief, and the heart of his throat finally fell into practice. The smile on his face, more and more like a spring breeze, in this hot summer,Self-closing Faucet, but feel comfortable all over. This time it was finally delivered to the door. Just did not enter the door in the end, Xu Nannan felt that just when the object came to the door, too fast. cnkexin.com