The relief of the holy woman

"Don't say any more." Ayane said that her voice was different from that just now, which made people feel sharp and indifferent.


"Don't say any more." Ayane said that her voice was different from that just now, which made people feel sharp and indifferent. If I listen to you any more, I will hate you. Do you think I want to hear how you were seduced by him? She was right. Hongmei hung her head and shook her head. When we got married, we agreed, "Ayane's words were gentle again." After a year, if we can't have children, we will think about our marriage again. Neither one of us is very young, right? So we didn't consider the time-consuming and laborious infertility treatment. Although the fact that you are his new lover, to be honest, has hit me hard, for him, it may just feel like a premarital agreement. "I've heard him say it a few times." Hongmei lowered her head and said. When she met Yoshitaka on Saturday, she heard him say the same thing. He used the word "rules of the game" at that time. He said that because the rules of the game were like this, Ayane would agree-she remembered that he said so. At that time, she felt incomprehensible, but after listening to what Ayane had just said,stainless steel toilet, she felt that Ayane was actually very open-minded. I went back to Sapporo this time in order to clean up my mood. I have been declared to break up, but I still continue to live in that home. I feel really miserable. I give you the key to keep, in order to cut off the thoughts of him. I have estimated that when I am not at home, you two will meet. You'll all meet anyway, so why don't I just give you the key, and I'll end up relaxed myself. Recalling the time when she handed the key to herself,stainless steel squatting pan, she did not think that she had made such a great decision at that time, but felt complacent that she was deeply trusted by her. At the thought of Ayane at that time I do not know what kind of mood, watching himself without doubt he took the key, the more she felt ashamed. Did you talk to the cops about what happened between you? Hongmei nodded gently. "They have noticed something. I can only tell them the truth." "Well, but it's true.". You went to the house because you were worried about his safety, which felt unnatural no matter how you thought about it. So the policemen already knew about your relationship with him, and they didn't tell me a word. "Is it?" "They were probably going to pretend they didn't know and spy on me. They probably already suspected me." "Hey?" Hongmei looked at Ayane in surprise. "Doubt." Teacher, you? "I have a motive, don't I?"? I have the motive of being betrayed by my husband. That's true, but Hongmei didn't doubt it at all, because Ayane was in Sapporo when Yoshitaka was killed, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, and she believed Yoshitaka that they had broken up smoothly. But it doesn't matter if the police suspect it. It's not a big deal. Ayane dragged her handbag to her side and took out her handkerchief. She wiped her handkerchief under her eyes. "The important thing is, what happened and why did this happen to him?" Hiromi, do you really know nothing? When was the last time you saw him? "Yesterday morning, I had coffee with him, so the criminal police asked me a lot of questions about that." "Is it?" Ayane tilted her head and pondered for a moment, then looked at Hongmei and said, "You didn't hide anything from the criminal police, did you?"? Have you told them all you know? "I should have told them all." "That's good. If you miss something, you'd better tell them clearly. Maybe they will suspect you, too." "Maybe they already suspected me, after all, I'm the only one who met Mr. Masashiba on Saturday and Sunday." "Well, these are the places where the police begin to suspect." "That.." Shall I also tell the police that I came to see you today? After listening to Hongmei's question, Ayane put her hand on her forehead and said, "Well.." There's nothing to hide. I don't care. It will only deepen their suspicion if they try to cover up. 'All Right. ” Ayane breathed a sigh of relief and the corners of her mouth relaxed. She said, "It's really strange that a woman who was dumped by her husband would sit in the same room and talk with her husband's mistress. There was no dispute between them, but they both felt cornered. The reason why we didn't pinch each other was probably because he was dead." Hongmei didn't answer, but her idea was the same. For her, if Yoshitaka can come back from the dead, she is willing to accept any scolding from Ayane. She was also convinced that the sense of loss at that moment, Ayane was probably much greater than her, as for the basis of her conviction, she could not say at the moment. 8 Masashiba Ayane's home is located in a very clean and beautiful residential area. The building is square and the entrance is above the stairs. The first floor is a parking lot, but the residents use it as a basement. That is to say, although it looks like a three-storey building, the property certificate is written on the ground with two floors and one floor underground. There are a lot of such families around here. Mita and Xuan cut the pancake and said, "In winter, the snow here is very thick, so you can't build the entrance near the ground." "I see." Kusanagi nodded and reached for the tea bowl. The person who brought the tea was Ayane's mother, Noboriko. At the moment, she was kneeling beside him, with her tea tray on her knee. On the other hand, we were really shocked this time. I didn't expect Zhenchai to encounter such a thing. I heard that it was neither an accident nor an illness. I felt puzzled. Sure enough, the police came to the house to search. He Xuan wrinkled his slightly graying eyebrows into a splayed shape. It is not yet possible to conclude that it was a homicide. Kusanagi told them so. He Xuan frowned, and perhaps because of his emaciation, the wrinkles appeared deeper. It seemed that he had made too many enemies before his death, and most of the smart and capable operators were not much different,Flushometer valve, but it could not be said that any guy anywhere had done such a harmful thing. I heard that until five years ago, Hexuan had been working in a local credit bank, and it was estimated that he had met many operators.

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