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Yang Fan had planned not to be deeply involved with anyone before he took revenge. At that time, he did not start looking for Niu Niu


Yang Fan had planned not to be deeply involved with anyone before he took revenge. At that time, he did not start looking for Niu Niu, because he was worried that he would expose his identity in the process of revenge and implicate A-Mei instead. As for the secret engagement with Waner for life and the emperor's marriage to Xiaoman, it was beyond his expectation. Now that his last enemy has been beheaded, it's time to start looking for A-Mei. In Yang Fan's view, it should not be too difficult to find A-Mei. There are many people surnamed Gongsun in the world, but there will never be many people surnamed Pei and Gongsun. Moreover, this woman is regarded as a distinguished guest by Lu yuanrui, the governor of Guangzhou, so she must be of great status, and there will not be many such people. The world dignitaries, more concentrated in Luoyang and Changan, Yang Fan intended to let Zhao Yu use his hands in Luoyang first, if Luoyang did not, please Shen Mu in Changan over there to find, Shen Mu and Changan high door big valve close, if there is such a family, or once had such a family, he can find out. If you still can't find it, then you have to use the method of posting the revelation of looking for people all over the place. Although those powerful people won't go to the streets to see these things, most of them are servants like clouds, and there will always be someone among them who knows. When Zhao Yu heard that Yang Fan had asked him to help find someone, he naturally agreed. After asking Yang Fan what he knew, he immediately arranged it. At this time,foldable bulk container, day love slave has entered the city, to Xiuwenfang to find Yang Fan! Small-say-t-xt-day. Don Chapter 328 a little nun in front of the Buddha. If the couple travel together, if they don't want to leave Luoyang City, then apart from the temples and the scenery along the Luoshui River, the best places to go are the three cities of North, West and South. Yang Fan has a shop industry in Nanshi, and a visit to Nanshi is just convenient for both public and private. Other people like to hire honest and honest clerks in their shops. They always feel that such people are reliable and can be used at ease. I'm different. I hire people who are smart and articulate. That's the kind of people I need to run my business. Accompanied by Yang Fan, Xiaoman came out of a shop and said with a clever smile, "a smart fellow can use it with ease.". Must a shrewd person be dishonest? That's not necessarily true. Furthermore,plastic wheelie bins, if the shopkeeper has dry shares, he is not afraid that he is not attentive, as long as he is attentive, can he not keep a close eye on these people? I have to calculate the profits every month. If they can really make a lot of money for our family, even if their hands and feet are not clean, they will take advantage of some small advantages, and I will not bother to pay attention to them. Didn't the officials in the court often say in front of the emperor, 'If the water is too clear, there will be no fish, and if people are too observant, there will be no disciples?' The same is true in business. Yang Fan laughed and said, "Well!"! No wonder people say you are a miser. When it comes to making money, you are very happy. Xiaoman made a nifty grimace at him and said with a smile, "Hey, were you afraid of poverty when you were a child?" Yang Fan looked at her lively and lovely appearance, the heart is also very happy, he and Xiaoman are now getting along more and more harmonious, stackable plastic pallets ,drum spill containment, this situation, compared with the embarrassing situation of the two days when they just got married, is really not the same, that kind of day is a kind of torture for each other. Lang Jun, you see, that one is the shop I just set up. That one was originally engaged in silk business. Our family already has a silk shop, but the location is not as good as here. I plan to decorate here, move our silk shop here, and open a gold bank in the original location. Xiaoman said and walked side by side with Yang Fan into the shop that had not yet been decorated. Not far away, Tian Ai Nu leaned feebly on the red pillar at the gate of "Bo Gu Zhai", and two lines of tears fell down. She rushed excitedly to Xiuwenfang and asked about the whereabouts of Yang Fan, but she heard not only the good news of Yang Fan's promotion, but also the news of the emperor's marriage and Yang Fan's marriage. At that moment, Anu really like a thunderbolt, she did not know how she left Xiuwen Square, Anu lost his soul, but remembered the address of Yang Fan's new house. Unconsciously, she came to Fu Shan Fang, came to the door of Yang Fu. Anu saw Yang Fan and his bride leave home and go to Nanshi together. She followed them all the way, watching them go out in pairs and love each other. Her heart was completely broken. Unlike most women who suffer from love affair, Tian Ai Nu's painful experience of being abandoned by her relatives at an early age made her dare not trust anyone any more and did not want to give her heart to anyone any more, until she met Yang Fan and was attracted to him unconsciously, until she was moved by Yang Fan's act of saving her with blood at the moment of life and death. Her heart has been frozen for many years, and once she opens her heart and falls in love with someone selflessly, that feeling is the most sincere, the most fanatical and the most difficult for her. So, correspondingly, when she was hurt, the pain was the most unbearable for her. Summer is scorching, the weather is extremely hot, Anu leans on the red column, but the body is a burst of chills, a heart seems to be immersed in the ice cellar, no longer see a trace of warmth. From the top of Huashan Mountain, she threw herself into the cliff with the determination to die, and then escaped from death, giving up everything in the past. Her only belief in survival and her only pursuit of happiness came from the man she fell in love with. If she had only frozen her emotions before, did not let herself fall in love with anyone, did not put complete trust in anyone, of course, there is no happiness, there is no pain. Now, her heart is to let the wind knife frost sword bloody cut apart, raging torture, good pain! Behind her is "Bo Guzhai", the house decoration is antique, there is a very simple gate tower in front of the door, the antique shop is not likely to have a guest in a day, so the door is very deserted. In the shop, a disciple hired from Master Rumei was playing the zither. Anu was so proficient in melody that he could tell that it was a song called "Fen Fei Yan". Fen Fei Yan? What is her mood at the moment? The sad music, accompanied by her heart, the sound of blood. Yang Fan and Xiaoman came out of the shop that had not yet been decorated and walked this way, talking and laughing. Tian Ai Nu turned around hurriedly and left quickly. Clear tears like beads,collapsible bulk container, strong congealed in the eyes, Anu's heart is bleeding, but refused to let the tears flow down again. cnplasticpallet.com