Apartment in hell

Apartment in hellApartment in hellApartment in hellApartment in hell


But two people present, some rooms have that hanging nv person, some rooms do not have at all. "Go this way." Li Yin took Mi Zhen into a room where nv people were not hanged, then opened én and rushed into another room, and then rushed out of that room. And now, sometimes there are stairs going up, sometimes there are stairs going down, the corridors are straight, and then there will be strange én. It's an unimaginably weird cycle. What kind of strange building is this? And do not know how long to run, Li Yin and Mi Zhen and now they unexpectedly, now indoor, in front of the side of the corridor, there is a groove, there is a river in the groove, along the river, unexpectedly came to a small bridge in front. And there is a sign on the bridge, which reads "Dengxuan Bridge". And above the water under the bridge, there is a board, on which a small box is placed. Li Yin immediately bent down to pick up the box, at this time, there is no trace of the nv people to track. When the box was opened, there was a piece of diary paper inside. When you see this piece of paper, it means that you have unfortunately been pulled into this strange building. I'll tell you what. The dead nv man you saw in DN Tianshan was a strange architect. He only wanted to make an unprecedented strange building all day long. He did not think about how to let people live in it. Because the idea was not accepted by people, he died with resentment. This building is a place completely isolated from the normal world. But you can rest assured that all my diary paper is hidden here. If you find it,Artificial Marble Slabs, you can go back alive. Oh, the last diary paper, I have a way to write this in blood. This building is the scarlet of the 1982 apartment cloth, and the way of life should always be valid. So, in a good case, you can leave alive, and return with the secret of the Demon King's blood instructions, to save all the residents, but,Silver Travertine Slabs, bad luck, stay in this world forever, then. It's over. Oh, by the way, I'll give you two a hint. First, it is impossible to escape back to the normal world by returning to the room you first entered; Second, inside this building, time is completely static, although you stay here for the same time as the outside world, but during your stay here, even in the past 48 hours, the shadow curse will not be activated, so you can safely execute the word of blood, even if you stay here for a few months, you don't have to worry about dying on the shadow curse. It is with this in mind that I specially arranged this scarlet letter for the residents. How? Am I very considerate? Li Yin handed the diary paper to Mi Zhen. Obviously, Pu Meiling, this pervert, white marble slabs ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, is playing at all. They have led them into this trap beyond redemption from the very beginning. "If you find a way out, you can go back?" Mi Zhen grabbed the piece of paper, looked at the river flowing under the Dengxuan Bridge, and said, "But how long can we go back?"? If there is nothing to eat and drink. Li Yin said, "When I just passed a room, I saw food on the table.". But that's not the point. "He knew we would pass the Dengxuan Bridge." Mi Zhen took the diary paper and said, "We ran all the way at random, but he could predict that we would come here.". That is to say, no matter which way we choose to go, we will come to this place. The last line of the diary paper reads: "Next, you will find a way to get to the Red Ssè 1 Restaurant. The next diary paper is there." "Red s sè.." Restaurant 1? What is that place? Li Yin grabbed his forehead and said, "That is to say, if I don't find a way out, I will stay here all the time." "Be sure to get out alive within forty-eight hours." Mi Zhen immediately became anxious and pulled Li Yin and said, "If you are still trapped here after forty-eight hours, you will.." "No, it doesn't matter." Li Yin, however, looked indifferent and said, "Even if forty-eight hours have passed, I will not die." "Hm?"? You, what did you say? How is that possible? Really, in fact, I have found a way to curb the shadow curse through experiments before. I'll talk to you about this later. Let's go. "Curse of the Shadow"? How is that possible? The shadow curse is the root cause of the residents'inability to escape the control of the apartment. "I'll explain it to you in detail later. Let's go first." Curbing the Shadow Curse is, of course, an outright lie. When Roland and Saya had been experimenting for such a long time, they all failed. Every household will be controlled by the shadow curse. If you leave the apartment for 48 hours, you will be killed by the shadow. Even if the whole body loses the freedom to move, the shadow will collapse directly and lead to the death of the Ru body. Therefore, this is a curse that can never be solved, unless you can complete ten instructions in blood, leave the apartment, and solve the shadow curse. This is the only way. Of course, at this time, Mi Zhen has not noticed this at all. At the same time, in the apartment, Huang Fuqi, Pei Qingyi, Xu Xiong, Zhan Tianlin, Su Xiaomo, Si Xiaoxiao six people, finally officially out, ready to go to the execution site of the word in blood. The residents of the apartment still know nothing about what happened to Mi Zhen. When Huang Fuqi walked out of the apartment, he suddenly opened a bottle of wine, which he had bought outside, not from the apartment. Then he turned the bottle upside down and spilled the red sè wine on the floor until the whole bottle was completely empty. What are you.. Pei Qingyi was puzzled and asked, "What do you mean?" "My mother actually liked this wine when she was alive." Touching the bottle, Huangfu said, "But after my father died, the family became very poor. She didn't drink another sip until she died.". Now, I am about to go to the apartment where the ghost who killed her will lodge, and I want my mother to drink this wine. Then,White Marble Mosaic, Huangfuqi smashed the bottle on the ground and became smashed. He shouted: "You have a good taste. Mom, I will destroy the ghost completely and comfort your soul. Then, I will come to your tombstone with Xuezhen and tell you: 'I have proved your innocence. You rest in peace'.". forustone.com

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