Super handsome boy (Dasi)

Super handsome boy (Dasi)Super handsome boy (Dasi)


Lin Ruohan said, "The reason why we want to do this is that we don't want the Bai family to dominate.". Although the Bai family is not a threat to us now, when they annex the Xia family, their strength will be greatly improved, and then they will inevitably turn their eyes to other families, even our Lin family. This is what we do not want to see. And if we help you, then, the Xia family will have a chance to breathe, the Bai family will not have a chance to sit big, the situation will maintain the situation of how strong side by side. So, although it seems that we have suffered a little loss in this deal, it is actually in our best interest. Although Uncle Xia has made great achievements in business, it has to be said that the future of the Xia family lies in you two. To tell you this today is to hope that you can keep the Xia family and not let us down. Excluding his ambiguous relationship with her, it has to be said that Lin Ruohan's analysis is very rational. Ling Feng asked, "If you do this, aren't you afraid that the Bai family and the medicine king Bai Feng will turn against you?" Lin Ruo said with a cold smile, "Hum, the Bai family and the Medicine King, others may still be afraid of them, but our Lin family is not necessarily afraid of them!"! All right, I've already said it. Take care of yourself. Here is the contract. Please have a look. If there is no objection, please sign it. The Lin family did not tamper with the contract. After the contract was signed,x52 line pipe, Lin Ruohan said, "In addition, I would like to remind you two of one thing, that is, the Bai family started by the underworld, and some dirty means can still be used. Therefore, please be sure to take more precautions against this safety plan." "All right," said Ling Feng,347 stainless steel, "we know. Thanks to Miss Lin's help, this matter has been solved smoothly. Thank you very much! He said thank you sincerely. Doing business, he is really not good, if, as Lin Ruohan said, the Lin family does not make a move, then the Bai family, it is really possible to take advantage of those donkeys to the Xia family to a big annexation, at that time, he has no way to think. But just then, Lin Ruoxue suddenly interrupted: "Oh, just say thank you."? Do you have any idea how hard my sister worked on the board to convince the directors about the merger? It is a pity, but only get someone else a'thank you 'even if the end! Alas, my heart will shine on the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch! None of these men has a conscience! Originally this matter is quite sensitive, Lin Ruoxue said so, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x60 line pipe, immediately let a person frighten three jumps. Lin Ruohan and Xia Qingge's faces changed greatly at the same time, but they all looked at Ling Feng at the same time. Ling Feng took a very aggrieved look at Lin Ruoxue, saying what does this girl mean by saying this? No. "Thank you." What else? Do you want me to marry you? Haven't I already made a promise? What else do you want? One more time? Really? But what did this girl say just now? With your mouth? Ling Feng's mind can not help floating a very fragrant picture. Do you use your mouth? How interesting It's good to use your mouth. "Huh?"? Qingge, why did you leave? Qingge, wait for me! Wait for me. 256 Chapter 255 the mysterious gift. "Qingge, why did you leave without saying a word?" Ling Feng smiled at Xia Qingge with a straight face. Ling Feng and Xia Qingge went in the same car, but they came back in two cars. Because Xia Qingge did not let Ling Feng get on the bus at all, he drove the car back. Back home, Xia Zhengling happened to be absent, Xia Qingge went straight back to his room, but before closing the door, Ling Feng, who had arrived at the back foot, flashed in like a monkey. Xia Qingge knew that he could not be driven away, so he had to let him go. Ling Feng this just has the opportunity and Xia Qingge to speak, in the heart secretly calls the luck, if is shut outside by her, is not even a defense opportunity not to have? "There are some people who are amorous and passionate, and I will be a light bulb there, okay?" Xia Qingge gave him a white look and gave him a lukewarm reply. Even if can not see through her idea, Ling Feng can also clearly know, Xia Qingge this is jealous. Not only jealous, but also eat a lot, eat a little angry. Xia Qingge is really angry. However, she is angry, but not because of Lin Ruoxue's words, the most important thing is because of Ling Feng's ambiguous face. This bastard, I don't know what's going on in his mind, but his face is so smiling. Swing! The most exasperating thing was that the expression on his face was exactly the same as when he touched himself. How can Xia Qingge endure this? Anyway, the contract has been signed, the business has been done, so Xia Qingge simply picked up the contract and went straight away, leaving Ling Feng there. Poor Ling Feng was like a child who no one wanted, so he had to take a taxi to come back. And refused Lin Ruoxue's suggestion to send it by car-in this case, let them send it? People will die! "I didn't do anything, okay?" Ling Feng said unjustly. I didn't do anything! What does it have to do with me that you can do what you like? Xia Qingge said coldly. "But you're angry," said Ling Feng with a wry smile. Xia Qingge's face was cold. "Joke!"! Why should I be angry? What is our relationship? Said this sentence, Xia Qingge immediately regretted. Because she saw Ling Feng's face obviously changed, this time, Xia Qingge's heart suddenly carried to his throat-not good, not good, this is too heavy, he will not be angry? However, look at Ling Feng's face immediately returned to normal, as if there is no angry look, a little relieved. Ling Feng didn't know what he was thinking. Suddenly he smiled and said, "I haven't eaten much since I got up in the morning. I'm really a little hungry. I heard that the snacks in Yangcheng are very good. Shall we go out to eat?" "I have no appetite!" Xia Qingge refused. But I do! Will you come with me? "No!" "Go!" "If you say no, you won't go!" Ling Feng smiled mysteriously and said, "Let's go!"! By the way,316 stainless steel plate, I have a mysterious gift for you! Mysterious.. Gift? Ling Feng said so, Xia Qingge was moved, but it was not good to show it immediately.

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