Create the best custom jump shot in NBA 2K22 by following these steps

In NBA 2K22, there is such a thing as a perfect jump shot to attempt


In NBA 2K22, there is such a thing as a perfect jump shot to attempt. The ability to customize every aspect of a shot presents a unique opportunity that should not be missed. The solution is as close as a few teaks away if the timing appears to be off or the blockers are having trouble reaching the ball.

However, there are so many options available that any rational player would be overwhelmed by the number of choices. Because there are people who irrationally enjoy NBA 2K22 MT Kopen far too much, and after trying every possible base and release configuration, this is the best the jumper can possibly be.

There Is Room For Different Points Of View
When it comes to the design of a jump shot, there is a great deal of latitude to work with. The release point should be lower for players who shoot from a longer distance, while the release point should be higher for players who shoot from mid-range. Slower jumpers may appear to be weaker, but they are usually much easier to hit the green area than faster jumpers.
To be honest, sometimes a less desirable option statistically speaking simply feels better for certain users, and they achieve better results as a result of choosing it. To achieve the quickest shot with the largest zone of accuracy and most forgiving perfect release possible, while also taking into consideration that these shots will be taken under duress and must account for defense, this guide has been developed from NBA2k22 mt. Although some of these factors may not be relevant (for example, a tall build may negate the need for a strong vertical), you should feel free to experiment.


Lower/Middle Level
The base measures the body angle, the time to shoot, the pre-jump movement, the height of the jump, and the direction in which the jump is made. It is preferable if the player's body is either straight up or slightly back, that the ball is released quickly, that any unnecessary movement is eliminated, that the jump is high, and that the ball is released before the player moves forward.
This is a lot to take into consideration, but only a small number of base jumpers are able to accomplish all of these goals. Jump Shot 77, with its quick and absurdly high leap, outperformed all other lower/base shots in terms of performance.

Release of the Upper Limb
There are several factors that must be considered when creating the ideal release. A perfect release requires the ball to be released at its apex and level or behind the shooter's head (making it more difficult to block), the hands to follow through (allowing for a larger area of accuracy on the shot meter), and the ball to remain in the ready position for as long as possible (making it more likely to score a perfect release).
The release itself should be as quick as possible, but the release must still be above and behind the head in order to be effective. Numerous fast shots are fired from the shooter's chest and in front of their bodies, making them more difficult to block and defeating the purpose of the shot's rapidity in the first place. Release 64 and Release 142 both do a fantastic job of meeting these requirements in terms of performance.

Creating a blending
First and foremost, increase the release speed to its maximum. Because of the releases that have been used, there is a significant margin of error. When it comes to getting accurate and perfect releases during the game, you won't have to worry about having to slow down the game's speed, as you will with many other releases.

Although Release 64 has a better release point, the basketball spends more time in the perfect release zone for Release 142, which is a disadvantage. The most effective way to deal with this problem is to combine the two styles and benefit from the best of both worlds. A 50/50 blend works out perfectly in this situation.



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